Dr. Ramesh Jagannathan

Director, International Medical Cannabis Association (IMCA) and Drug Discovery Scientist


Dr. Ramesh Jagannathan has an extensive multidisciplinary scientific background in Chemistry, Medical Cannabis, Biotechnology, Biophysics and Biomedical sciences. He became a director at International Medical Cannabis Association (IMCA) in the year 2019 where his primary function is overseeing research and developmental studies at IMCA. He currently works on projects involving drug discovery and development and has expertise in Proteins & Peptides, Separation & Purification, Structural Biology, Natural Products, Cannabis, CBD, Chemical Biology, Carcinogenesis, Data Analysis (Biotech & Life Sciences) and Academic Writing. Dr. Ramesh has published over thirty journal articles on malignant cancer, treatments, and diagnosis, particularly in children. His educational background includes a bachelor’s in chemistry, master’s in biotechnology, Ph.D. in Molecular Physics and a Postgraduate diploma in Industrial Pharmaceutical & Bio-Pharmaceutical Modern Technology. Dr. Ramesh has also successfully earned the patent for ‘Novel optical method for diagnosis and staging of premalignant and malignant human colonic tissues.’