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Project Management

VT provides an unmatched approach to project management services. The goal of our project management personnel is to produce and implement the most effective programs to meet your unique needs. We’ve done this for numerous companies, and we can do it for you. VT Project Managers all have significant previous operating company experience with planning, managing and leading various projects and programs.

VT’s Project Managers have been responsible for leading roles in product development, process development, and the construction, start-up and commissioning of new and renovated facilities and equipment, including finished pharmaceutical and biological production, aseptic processing and filling, and bulk pharmaceutical production. We provide a system of planning, control, consistency, measurement and risk assessment that can have a major and positive impact on the critical success factors of your projects.

VT has a proven track record of managing projects of all types and sizes. Our experienced team of project managers can assist you in developing and managing construction planning, commissioning, and validation project schedules. Our core competencies go beyond project management; we can also assist you in organizational development and continuous process improvement.

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When you partner with VT:

  • Knowledgeable and experienced Project Managers
  • Quality standards and proven methodologies that ensure successful project implementation· Risk management, risk assessment, and gap analysis services
  • Validation expertise
  • Infrastructure creation that supports continuous process improvement and re-validation programs
  • Cost-effective, financially accountable solutions
  • Management of construction, commissioning, and validation projects
  • Development and management of detailed schedules
  • Establishment of project resource load and cost analysis services
  • Fast-track solutions and standards that meet your corporate guidelines and comply with global regulations

About Us

Validationtech strives to maintain and inspire professional excellence by providing Validation and related Services to the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Neutraceutical, Food and Medical Device Industries.