Research And Development For Cannabis

Research and Development

In affiliation with the International Medical Cannabis Association (IMCA), Validation Tech provides various research and development services to cannabis, pharmaceutical, NHP and related sectors. IMCA has partnered with multiple leading institutions and research and development organizations to provide services in diverse aspects.

The services provided by IMCA at various sectors comprise:

Stability Studies

Understanding a product’s shelf life is crucial in maintaining the product’s quality under every kind of environmental conditions. Hence researchers and developers should be given the stability study.

Through IMCA, Validation tech assures to give all the necessary product developmental studies in the Research and Development( R&D) sector.

IMCA provides stability studies for the following products:

Medical Cannabis



Medical Device

Developmental Studies

An interdisciplinary study plays a significant role in the development sector. IMCA provides complete training for the development of a range of products. This service will help our students to improve their perspective of growth and development.

IMCA provides training for the following products:

Infused Products

Natural Health Products



Medical Device

Cannabis Tissue Culture

Cannabis tissue culture is the heart of cannabis agriculture in the past, present, and future. Cannabis tissue culture is a process that involves the operation of exposing plant tissue to a specific mix of hormones, nutrients, and lights under sterile and in-vitro conditions. This method effectively produces a large amount of genetically identical plants over a short period.

The cannabis plant tissue culture has effectively obtained a significant establishment on mainstream and broad-scale techniques employed by the cannabis industry. Recently, research and advancement in plant tissue culture techniques have become crucial in the cannabis community to produce clean, pest-free, identical, and high yield cannabis production. The tissue culture method is fast, consistent, and safe for licensed producers.

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